Make a Donation of Securities, Property or Other Assets

Gifting stocks to Victoria Hospice is an easy and tax-smart way to give. 

If you own securities that have appreciated in value, selling them will incur capital gains taxes.  But, by gifting your securities, you avoid these taxes and receive a charitable tax receipt for the value of the shares on the date that ownership is transferred to Victoria Hospice.  The shares will then be liquidated, and the proceeds of the sale used to fund Victoria Hospice’s end-of-life care programs.

This form of giving can be used for gifts you wish to make now or for legacy gifts by designating specific shares or percentage of your portfolio to be donated to Victoria Hospice in your Will.

Best of all, it’s easy to do.  Contact us for more information today. Victoria Hospice can provide your broker with all the information they need to transfer the shares for you.

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Director, Fund Development
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One Donor's story:
Why Richard makes gifts of securities to Victoria Hospice

richard“I buy stocks for the dividends.  As the value goes up, if the dividend stays the same, it doesn’t always make sense to keep that stock.  Instead of selling and triggering taxes, I simply transfer the stocks to charity.  They get the capital, and I get a tax credit.  It’s a real win-win. 

"It just seems so logical to me.  Psychologically, it’s also feels much simpler to transfer 30 or 35 shares instead of seeing my bank account go down by $1,000.”


Want to see an example? Download the PDF below.

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