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Victoria Hospice is proud to touch the lives of thousands of patients, families and friends each year. 

We regularly receive kind notes, emails and letters from people telling us what their experiences have been like, often thanking us for the care and comfort we provide.

Please tell us your story.  We want to hear from you, and we'd like others to hear your story as well.

My mother Loretta lived the life that movies are made of. Raising 7 kids as a single mother, she strived to get ahead and provided us kids with the necessary tools to succeed in life. Once the kids were all out the door, Loretta could finally live a life for herself, do things she had always wanted to do. She painted, she traveled, she went great distances to watch figure skating. She had a great sense of humour, could take some banter and could give it out too. Loretta could hold her own at a birthday roast, and that's for sure. In her 80's she enjoyed her veggie garden, her goldfish and the odd spicy Caesar. Though her body started to fail her, her mind never did. Loretta was sharp right up until the end. She'd enjoy a good joke, and tell one too. She fought hard to stay in her house but in the end even she decided it was time for her to go to Hospice. Though Loretta's stay there was short, she proclaimed from the beginning that she wished she had come to Hospice sooner. She realized how hard it had become for her family to care for her and this helped her to decide to make the move. She loved all the caregivers at Victoria Hospice and she was quite at ease with where she now was. Once her siblings and children had visited her at Hospice, she was content to say goodbye to this life. I feel if my mom had any regrets it would be that she would have come to Hospice earlier than she did. Once she was there it was as if a huge weight was released from her shoulders. She was more relaxed and the family was too. As hard as it may be to let go of your independence, it may become necessary to come to Hospice to get the care you require that your family just isn't trained or qualified to give. We are so thankful for the great care and respect that Victoria Hospice showed both us and Loretta and we are all now praising and spreading the word of their great work and support teams.
-Darren Tuele
Some years ago we lost our son Bill Age 29 years to pancreatic cancer. His last days of residence was under the care of the wonderful nurses and doctors of Hospice. Victoria B.C. As he was leaving us in the care of a hospice nurse, his mother and I left his room briefly and returned to his room shortly after. His voice called upon us in the hospital corridor as we were returning to his room, everything OK Dad, while meeting the nurse, after she left his room, Bill has gone about 5 minutes ago. We left hospice in tears and sadness but pleased we had received these conditional words of farewell from our son, Thank you for reading our testimonial.
-Thomas T.Towns
When we realized that my Father's house would not work for at home respite care your team helped us quickly get into the hospice at Royal Jubilee. My Father's reluctance was overcome by the luxurious service he received, including warm bathes. A luxury we simply could not offer at home. We spent a very long two months in the supportive care of nurses and volunteers. Your volunteers and pastoral staff listened and cared for my family as we said a prolonged good bye to dad. I still tear up when I think of my time in the hospice and how caring and generous all of these strangers were to me.
-Jesse Kenny
A word of thanks - though thank you does not adequately express what our family wants to say to all of you - for the support you provided my mum, and our family during my mum's recent illness and final days. I can't believe 6 weeks has already passed. You entered our lives during one of the hardest times of transition any family has to face and you all did it with such compassion, knowledge and sense of calm that we will never forget. We are forever grateful. Heather, Ian, Hannah and Emily
-Heather Gropp
This note is so far overdue... Last Christmas my Nana decided that she had had enough of hospitals and wanted to go home. She had struggled for the last 7 years with Parkinsons and had surgery earlier in the year to remove a tumor from her stomach which never healed properly. She was tired of the pain and struggling so my family supported her in going home. I was only meant to stay the night as we had arrangements for volunteers to help until my family returned. As it turned out that was one of the most difficult nights of my life and I had to call the Pallative Response Team the next day as my Nanas condition worsened. The women who arrived the following night were nothing short of Angels. They helped me get her pain under control and reassured me that I was doing a good job. My Nana was struggling and kept saying "Help, I'm stuck" and the councilor reminded me that it was possible that she her "being stuck" was more metaphorical in regards to transitioning through death. I was able to reassure her that her family was waiting for her on the other side to guide her to Heaven and her whole demeanor changed. The furrow left her brow and she slept soundly for the first time in the 2 days I had been there. I'm afraid I never wrote down these womens names and for that I am sorry. They will forever be in my mind as the people who honestly helped me get through the most difficult thing I've ever done. I loved my Nana so dearly and she was the first person close to me I'd ever lost. Their words and compassion gave me the strength to support and care for my Nan until my mom arrived and took over. My Nana passed away on January 1st, 2015 in the comfort of her home surrounded by love. I can't thank the Palliative Response Team enough. What they gave me was much more than just those 2 days of nursing and support. They gave me knowledge and strength I didn't know I had and I will never forget them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xx
-Ali Wanless
We cannot possibly put into words how thankful we are for your enduring support and kindness in such a difficult time. You took all the fear we had away, giving us strength to be present in the final days Mom had here on earth.
-Family of Audrey Fitzgerald
Thank you for all your care and comfort you gave to my friend Lorraine. She was a special lady and is missed; she has left a big hole in my heart.
We hope you are all aware of what a profound effect you have had on all of us, in our most difficult of times. From our hearts, we are grateful. We thank you for your incredible efforts, and for the incredible people you are.
-Dale and Kim Stewart
Thank you to the staff and volunteers at Victoria Hospice for the support you gave to our family. Your kindness made our mom's last week have moments of joy and laughter.
-Melissa, Amanda and Chelsea
Our family wants to thank you all so very much for your tender and loving care of our dear Lynn. To say that we were impressed with your ability and dedication would be an understatement indeed! You are all angels in our book.
-Lois, Fred and Mark
My husband left this world in comfort and dignity, thanks to your care. Thank you.
-Gerry Diver
To all the wonderful, caring, kind, loving folks of Hospice - your skilled intuitive grace created an atmosphere filled with calm and respect. This beautiful space allowed all of us to feel free to come and go, connecting in whatever way we desired. My heartfelt gratitude to all of your cherished souls.
-Paul Bishop
The work you do here touches so many lives by providing a positive impact in otherwise negative situations. The level of care and overall affection I felt from the doctors, nurses, volunteers and even the greetings and smiles from the cleaning staff helped to lift my spirits each day I was there. I want to especially thank all those who say with my father and held his hand; all those who laughed at his jokes; all those that helped him out of bed; and all those that helped him when he could no longer help himself.
-The Gibson Family
Thank you for the outstanding care you provided for Phyllis. You found solutions when she was in crisis, comfort when she was in pain, and friendship when she was lonely. We thank you not only for the extraordinary care you gave her but also for the time you took to help us understand the complexities. Mom spoke with gratitude of the friendships she built here. Bless you all for the peace you surrounded her with.
-The Burgess Family
There are no words to express our gratitude to all the staff, volunteers, nurses and, especially, the doctors of the Hospice team. The care and thoughtfulness you all offer to your patients and their families is warm, genuine and never-ending. We humbly thank you for making Marjorie as comfortable as possible in your end of life care.
-Evelyn Pendray
On behalf of all the family members of the lately deceased Mr. Zung-Tung Wong, I would like to express our deepest appreciation of the care and compassion the staff and volunteers of Victoria Hospice had shown to our father during his stay with you. At our most sorrowful moment you have given all of us a new appreciated of human kindness and we cannot say thank you enough.
-The Wong Family
Thank you for your care of our mother in her final days. We believe your help allowed her to die in comfort.
-The Pletz Family
Words cannot express my gratitude for the loving care you gave, not only my wife Edith, but me as well. Growing up during the war in Slovakia, I had a mythological friend, Guardian Angel, who stood by my side to protect me during the bombings. Little did I know that many years later, there would be real Angels who would caress my wounded soul and show me the real meaning of life. Your love will be forever engraved in my spirit.
-Tony Gvora
I want to say thank you to everyone at Hospice for helping Kim, and for your ongoing help, support, expertise and caring approach since November, when Kim first entered the Hospice program. She and her family have had a very difficult year but one of the things that we have been constantly amazed by is that exceptional care can be delivered in a comforting setting. She felt that she was among friends at Hospice. From me and her whole family, thank you for all you have done for our lovely Kim. We are forever grateful.
-Paul Madsen
To the wonderful staff and volunteers at Hospice, a huge thank you for all you did for my sister Dawn Wilson. We as a family were so grateful her final days were filled with the comfort and love you showed her.
-Nikkie Wilson
Thank you all for the excellent care you gave to my Dad and to his whole family. Dad was able to relax and let his care be taken over by his excellent nurses who made him feel comfortable, special and well loved. You also reassured his family when we had worries and anxiety. Thank you to the wonderful volunteers also! Dad was a kind, generous, devoted, gentle, selfless, intelligent, engaging, hard-working, brave and funny man. We will miss him!
-Helen Blank and Family
The Stewart family would like to thank each and every member of the Hospice team that ministered to our patriarch during his last days. Dad was so kindly and lovingly cared for. We are grateful that his pain management and comfort were the priorities and so very well attended to. There are so many things to thank and appreciate you for, among them... - all the information that was imparted to family members along the way of Dad's last journey; - your willingness to speak with us personally and by telephone and treat our questions and concerns with respect and honesty; - the many cups of tea and coffee and glasses of water that were caringly offered and gratefully received; - the expansive consideration that allowed four generations of our family to gather en masse at Dad's bedside to honor and celebrate his 100th birthday with him. Just amazing when we consider that all the staff at Hospice have full responsibilities to many patients on that floor who are in extreme need; - that we could come and go at will and be with Dad whenever we chose was hugely reassuring and it allowed all of us the freedom to integrate this extraordinary experience in our own ways. Thank you all so very much.
-Dianne Stewart Butterfield
Thank you all so very much for the wonderful treatment given to Donald Stewart. My daughters and I were so impressed with all of you. it would be so easy for you to fall into a cold routine in your job, but you all treated us and him with the utmost dignity and respect. We will always remember your kindness and consideration.
-Sandy Stewart and Family
You were so very kind and gentle with my beloved, gorgeous husband, Keith Boyce. You helped him die peacefully. You also found him a longer bed so that his feet were not against the end of the bed, and you moved him to the side so that we could lie together. How grateful I am!
-K. Boyce
On behalf of our family, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude towards the wonderful staff at Victoria Hospice.... Their tender and loving interactions were never-ending, and from their hearts... We were never just a number or just another patient. Most important was their steadfast commitment to our Mum. From our hearts, we are grateful.
-Dale and Kim Stewart


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