The heART of Hospice

The kindness that moved everyone who attended HeART For Hospice didn’t begin or end at the doors of the Union Club.

HeART For Hospice co-founder Shelley Tysick had her heart set on a particular favourite among the art on offer, a signed artist’s proof of Jill Louise Campbell’s “Ancient Sharings”.  “I sent my husband into the room with clear instructions to not let it get away,” Shelley says. Unfortunately, in the chaos of the final minutes, he was not able to get back to outbid on the print, and it went to another couple.  

When Shelley was at the payment table, her neighbor appeared and what should he be carrying but “her” print.  “I congratulated him, while secretly I cursed him!” she laughs.  

Next day, she was in for a surprise.

“My neighbour showed up at my door with the print wrapped in a bow and with a beautiful card. They had been planning to give a gift of gratitude to us and 'Ancient Sharings’ proved to be the perfect vehicle…" As Shelley says, “It now represents so much more given the path it took to get in my home.”

One HeART For Hospice bidder found such a gift along another path—the taxi ride back to her home. 

The bidder, a long-time Hospice donor, called a designated driver service, “Call Mom”, to take her safely to her house. 

During the drive, the donor struck up a conversation with her driver.  She told him about how much she had enjoyed the evening and how important it was to her to support Hospice. 

Moved by her account, the driver made her a deal. “I’ll only charge you half of tonight’s fare,” he said, “if you give the other half to Hospice.” 

By the time they arrived, the driver had made her another offer. “Why don’t you donate the whole fare to Hospice?” The heart of Hospice had touched another heart in the community.  

Each year, almost half of Victoria Hospice’s budget is made up of gifts like these. To make a donation to support Hospice’s critical programs, please visit this page.  Thank you!

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