HeART For Hospice

What do you get when you bring together five women of diverse skill sets and compassionate hearts? 

You get the annual heART For Hospice, a benefit art auction taking place at the Union Club on November 17 (7-9 p.m.).  HeART For Hospice will feature art donated from community collections and from local artists; a full 100% of proceeds will be donated to Victoria Hospice.

The powerhouses behind heART for Hospice are Shelley Tysick, Virginie Martin, Lara Tomaszewska, Carla Tadla, and Sylvia Wearne.  Lara is an art historian and principal of Openwork Art Advisory and Sylvia is an artist and interior designer.  Carla (whose family has been touched by Hospice) is a managing partner at Bridge Productions; Virginie serves in a corporate leadership role at the Pension Corporation. As a registered nurse, with over a decade in Hospice Palliative Care nursing, Shelley might seem the odd woman out, but it was specifically her Hospice experience that moved Virginie to suggest they join their friends to mount an event that would benefit Hospice’s programs. 

“Virginie and I had been to a fundraiser together,” Shelley says. “She knew about Hospice from me, and she’s got a deep belief in the importance of giving back.  She told me she wanted to do something to help Hospice, and she knew just the women who could help us pull it together.”

Lara, Carla and Sylvia were brought in, and after meeting with members of the Hospice Fund Development team, the women decided a benefit art auction was the way to go.  Works by artists as unique as Victoria painters Phyllis Serota and Shushan Egoyan and Salt Spring Island’s Jill Louise Campbell promise a diversity that mirrors the five organizers. 

“Life is an expression of the creative human spirit,” states the heART For Hospice credo. “Works of art can embody stories, dreams, desires, memories, and love.”   And as far as Shelley’s friends are concerned, her own life work embodies all those qualities, too.

“Shelley puts so much kindness and passion into everything she does,” says Sylvia. “The stories about her work made me aware of Hospice’s critical role in society.” 

For Shelley, the people she cares for are the reason behind everything she does.  “I am rewarded on a daily basis,” she says, “with the gift of experiencing the incredible strength and love within the human spirit, and to learn profound lessons about what is really important in life, from life’s best teachers.”

The second annual heART For Hospice will appeal to a broad cross-section of the community—many whose families have been graced by the exceptional care of Hospice, and those who celebrate all our lives as masterpieces. Works of art, including pieces by donating artists such as Birgit Piskor, Mary Feesey, Nancy Slaght, and Denise Sturmwind, will be available in silent and live auction throughout the evening, while guests enjoy wine, food and entertainment.

heART For Hospice

When: Tuesday, November 17, 2015, 7-9 p.m.

Where: The Union Club of British Columbia, 805 Gordon Street

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