Organ Donation

Palliative care patients are usually not appropriate organ donors, but they may be successful corneal tissue donors by participating in the Eye Bank of British Columbia’s "Legacy of Sight" program. Since 1984, over 500 British Columbians each year have had their sight restored through corneal transplants and scleral grafts.

To become a corneal tissue donor, you must do two things:

  1. Inform your family: next-of-kin consent is needed even for registered donors. At least one third of organs and tissue that could be available for transplantation are lost because of the difficulties in obtaining consent. Family members can ensure that your wishes are honoured by informing health care providers of your decision to be a donor before death occurs.
  2. Register with the BC Organ Donor Registry. Registration cards are available at British Columbia Motor Vehicle Branch offices and all London Drugs retail outlets, or you can register online.

For more information about corneal transplants or eye donations, please contact the Eye Bank of British Columbia at 1-800-667-2060 or by email.

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