Corporate Support

Are you a business owner or corporate officer who would like to make a difference in your community? Is your company interested in corporate social responsibility ?

Discover how a partnership with Victoria Hospice can help your company, the community and Victoria Hospice!  Some things you might want to consider include:

  • Cash Donations - Cash donations are always welcome and tax deductible for your business.
  • Non Cash Donations - By donating a product or service to Victoria Hospice, you save us valuable funds.
  • Payroll Giving - Why not introduce the idea of regular monthly giving to your staff?  This is easier to implement than you might think.
  • Sales Related Fundraising - You could link your support to a product line or service giving a sales percentage to Victoria Hospice.
  • Charity of the Year - Why not nominate Victoria Hospice as the charity benefiting from all your staff fundraising for an entire year?
  • Event Sponsorship - By sponsoring an event, you get your company logo displayed on the marketing and promotional material associated with the event. 
  • Christmas Cards - Our exclusive collection offers you the opportunity to send cards to your customers and staff highlighting your support of Victoria Hospice.
  • Volunteers -  By nominating staff as volunteers to assist in a wide range of activities, you can develop your staff in a corporate social responsibility role that they may never have thought of doing themselves.
  • Network - Referrals - Testimonials - Can you introduce us to colleagues or contacts who may be able to help?
  • Host an event - Instead of volunteering at one of our events, why not organize your own?  Use your business as a venue and ask your staff and customers to get involved.

For more information on becoming a corporate supporter email or phone our Foundation office at 250-519-1744 today!

Jordan McClymont
Donor Relations Officer
Phone: 250-519-1744
Fax: 250-519-1745
Email: [email protected]


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