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Transitions in Dying & Bereavement: A Psychosocial Guide for Hospice Palliative Care

The latest edition of Transitions a much-anticipated update of the original (first published in 2003) showcasing new case studies reflective of current palliative care programs.

2nd Edition, Health Professions Press, 2016 - $50.00

This newly revised, award-winning textbook comprehensively and compassionately covers the key transitions that dying people and their families face, and effective interventions to facilitate these transitions.

"This book is a gift to anyone who wants to truly serve the dying and those who love them." 
– Rachel Remen. MD, author of Kitchen Table Wisdom

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Medical Care of the Dying

Textbook, 4th edition, Victoria Hospice Society 2006, $50.00.

This hardcover 4th edition textbook is a good overview of the principles and elements of effective palliative care. It features 26 contributing authors, 687 pages, 2,700 references and over 300 tables and figures.

Note: We have limited quantities of this book. 

 - read an excerpt on Confusion, Delerium and Dementia at the end of life

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"I recommend this book highly. It is helpful for people in palliative care, but its clarity and practicality are such that I hope it finds a home on general acute care wards, the offices of primary physicians, and hospital out-patient departments."
– Journal of Palliative Care

Also available:

Companion Booklet, Medical Care of the Dying
This coil-bound, 5 x 7" companion booklet is perfect to carry in a pocket, as an always-handy reference.

4th edition, Victoria Hospice Society 2006, $15.00.

Bereavement Risk Assessment Tool (BRAT), Manual and Electronic Files

Manual, 2nd edition, Education Services, Victoria Hospice Society - $35.00.

Developed to enhance Victoria Hospice's bereavement program through evidence-based bereavement assessment, prediction of complications for bereaved persons, improved communication among team members and consistent service allocation. (SOLD OUT)

Palliative Care at Home

Three-ring binder home chart, 2nd edition, Victoria Hospice Society 2013 $50

A resource for family or other caregivers to use while a patient is registered with the Victoria Hospice Palliative Care Program and Home and Community Care Nursing.  Provides information and education to allow sound choices throughout the palliative care process.

Victoria Hospice Grief & Bereavement Brochures

As a public service to other hospice organizations, Victoria Hospice offers this cost-effective way to produce customized professional bereavement information handouts featuring your hospice palliative care organization's logo and contact information. Send this file to your local commercial printer or graphic designer for layout, insert your own logo and contact information, and produce eight professionally printed brochures for distribution to your bereaved clients. Victoria Hospice must be credited on each brochure: "Content courtesy of Victoria Hospice Society"

Set of eight bereavement brochures for $10.00.

One each of:

  1. Grief: What Makes it Difficult?
  2. Special Days and Holidays
  3. Ten Things to Know About Grief
  4. Grief: Coping With Challenges
  5. Child and Teen Grief: Information for Parents and Caregivers
  6. Understanding Your Emotions
  7. Grief After Suicide
  8. Things to Remember When Supporting a Grieving Person

Option - Create your own branded versions of the above

Set of all eight Grief & Bereavement brochure content, as above, but in a Word version, ready for your own logo and contact info and suitable for printing for $100.00.

Note: If you want to use our Grief and Bereavement Brochure content in a format other than in printed copies, please fill out a Reprint and Use Permissions Request Form.

While there is no shipping cost associated with the Word version of the Grief & Bereavement Brochures, a $20 handling fee is charged to recoup the costs of processing the order.

Informational aids

Set of Laminated Posters (8.5" x 11", 7 total), including: Equianalgesic Conversion Chart, Bowel Performance Scale, Victoria Respiratory Congestion Scale, Palliative Performance Scale (PPSv2). $10.00

Miniature Equianalgesic Conversion Chart (3.5" x 2" plastic card). $1.00 (SOLD OUT)


Quality palliative and end-of-life care for all: Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for those facing life-limiting illness, death and bereavement through patient and family centred care, education, research and advocacy.